Trial Comparisons

Phoenix Corn Hybrid Data


Phoenix has 26 corn hybrids with relative maturity ranging from 107 to 117. Advanta Seeds has focused its corn business on the conditions of the High Plains and Southwest regions. Recent trial data from University Extension Research Centers and other third party resources prove Phoenix hybrids perform in the conditions our growers experience year after year.

Research trials from both Kansas State University and Texas AgriLife Extension show Phoenix hybrids achieved high yields in both dryland and irrigated systems.

Hybrids with the Agrisure® Viptera® 3111 trait were high performers in the Hondo, Texas irrigated trial. 6522A4 and 6542A4 were first and third respectively in this trial. 6542A4 also performed on dryland trials, ranking among the top hybrids in Bardwell, Texas.

Phoenix hybrids with the Agrisure Viptera 3111 trait also performed in Kansas. The irrigated trial in Manhattan, Kansas shows Phoenix 6390A4 out-yielded its competitors. 6390A4 also achieved high yields in the Manhattan dryland comparison. 6542A4 achieved yield results comparable to other leading corn hybrids in the Manhattan trial.

6012VZ, a hybrid with dual modes of action against ear-feeding insects and corn borer, was the top performer in the Hays, Kansas dryland trial.

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Performance of our seed may be adversely affected by environmental conditions, cultural practices, diseases, insects or other factors beyond our control. All information concerning the varieties and their performance given orally or in writing by Advanta or its employees or its agents is given in good faith, but is not to be taken as a representation by Advanta as to performance and suitability of the varieties sold. Performance may depend on local climatic conditions and other causes. Advanta assumes no liability for the given information.

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